Jeff Koons – a Retrospective

By on 25. November 2016

The most expensive living Artist in the World

Jeff Koons´shiny, ordinary designed “Balloon Dog” was sold at Christie’s for more than 43 million euros. And so the American Jeff Koons replaced the German major painter Gerhard Richter regarding the title: “The most expensive living artist in the world”. Gerhard Richter at that time sold an image with coarse colourful colour streaks for the price of 26.4 million euros.

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By on 2. October 2016

The Conviction Artist and his latest Project “Floating Piers”

Meanwhile the famous installation artist Christo is over 80 years old. However, he does not even think about to stop. His latest project is to be seen at the Lake Iseo in Italy in June, where he connected the largest island of the lake to the mainland with floating bridges – the floating piers.

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