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Street Food conquers the World!

By on 20. March 2017

More than Currywurst and Doner Kebab

The street food trend has a lock on Berlin. It all began in 2013 with the first international street food market “Street Food Thursday” in Markthalle 9 in Kreuzberg´s Wrangelkiez. Whereas the licensing procedure in Berlin is rather difficult for the rolling kitchen trucks, more and more street food markets establish itselves in the capital, just like the dominical “Street Food auf Achse” event.

Today’s Food Culture – Unthinkable without Fusion Cuisine

By on 3. November 2016

A Delight from around the World

Without fusion cuisine, a lot of dishes from around the world would not exist. Globalization mixed typical ingredients with those from other regions. In the 80s, cooks from California (USA) discovered fusion cuisine for themselves. They combined ingredients from different countries with different food cultures from around the world. And fusion cuisine took its course.

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Cooking as Art Form

By on 26. October 2016

The best Chefs in the World of School “Le Cordon Bleu”

Cooking well is not only to learn how to hack vegetables or meat roasts. Culinary skills are truly required: To examine and to understand the entire history of cooks, you need to reflect the philosophy of the cuisine. One of the best cooking schools is “Le Cordon Bleu”, at which future chefs get globally educated.

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About the Art of creating creative Cocktails

By on 26. September 2016

Cocktail Art de Luxe

Typical cocktails consist of at least two ingredients and at least one spirituous liquor. Prepared with ice in a cocktail shaker, in a mixing can or directly in the cocktail glass, there is an incredible number of cocktail variations. Many of the cocktails do have catchy names and are prepared by bartenders around the world.

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