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Interview with Metal Painter Michael H. Dietrich

By on 8. July 2017

“I paint because I have to paint” Today, I met with the metal painter Michael H. Dietrich in the Stuttgart gallery stuttgArtandDesign. Dietrich paints pictures with, out, and on metal. It was a fascinating and inspiring conversation. Convince yourself! Read the whole article x-working magazine x-working community  

Red Dot Design Award 2017

By on 4. July 2017

These are the Best! The award ceremony of the Red Dot Award is an annual highlight of the design scene. Over 500 manufacturers showcased their high-quality products a selected 39-member jury of the “Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen e.V.”. More than 1000 received a red dot at the Gala in Essen yesterday, 102 of them a […]

George Lucas is building a Museum!

By on 29. June 2017

Star Wars creator gets the Tender in Los Angeles He took the last hurdle. The museum of Star Wars inventor George Lucas can be built in Los Angeles. After the cities of San Francisco and Chicago were drawn up the shortlist, the star director has now decided to go for the film metropolis. Read the […]

20 Years Harry Potter

By on 28. June 2017

Much more than just a Bestseller The first Harry Potter book “Philosopher’s stone” was published twenty years ago, on June 26th, 1997. At that time, it was still a children’s book among many others. However, Harry Potter has been casting its feathers to a fantasy novel series that only exists once in the world. The […]

New Book by Christoph Niemann

By on 21. June 2017

Ink and Pencil Drawings Christoph Niemann, one of the best illustrator in the world, has published a new book: “Souvenir”. It is about traveling to distant or near places and tells about adventures in foreign areas. Read the whole article x-working magazine x-working community

Art for Everyone?

By on 16. June 2017

To whom does Art belong to? They throw the Art Basel again this week. There will be numerous VIP events at the huge art fair, at which art lovers again will check exclusive artworks and deal with high-priced businesses. Nevertheless, what about cheap art for everyone? Is there any at all, or is this claim […]

South Africa’s first skate school for girls

By on 7. June 2017

Skateistan creates Self-confidence Skateistan is an Afghan non-professional organization that helps young people – especially young girls – in the cities of Kabul, Mazar-e-Sharif, Phnom Penh, Sihanoukville and Johannesburg to get more self-confidence and educationthrough skateboard lessons. Read the whole article x-working magazine x-working community

Johannes Stötter – Body Painting at its Best

By on 20. May 2017

The Wolf and the Women Let it be animals or plants, Johannes Stötter is one of the best body painters in the world. With his 2013 portrait of a frog, he gained fame. In autumn of last year, with “The Wolf” he again created a fascinating picture, composed of several women. Read the whole article […]

Interview with the Artist Collective 3Steps

By on 18. May 2017

Colourful Street Art with a Message Since x-working found its place in introspective Central Hesse, we seized the chance to introduce the impressive artist collective 3Steps from Giessen to you. I met Uwe, one of three artists of the collective, in the 3Steps studio. Joachim joined later. Awarded as “Germany’s cultural and creative pilots” by […]

Anne Imhof and the German Pavilion

By on 16. May 2017

“Viva Arte Viva” – Venice Biennale The time has come – the opening week of the Venice Biennale just started. Already on Monday, industry professionals posted their first arrival pictures. Media representatives gather around the venues Giardini and Arsenale. Today is the official opening of the national pavilions. In the middle, Anne Imhof is right […]

Georg Baselitz

By on 16. May 2017

Broken Heroes or Images upside down? He is one of the most famous graphic artists of the present. Georg Baselitz is one of the few Germans who had solo exhibitions at the MoMA, New York. The 79-year-old still does not have any plans to retire. Now the Ernst Barlach Museum in Wedel presents his latest […]

Alexey Kljatov – the King of Geometric Chaos

By on 29. April 2017

Snowflakes in Macro Photography The Russian photographer Alexey Kljatov drew attention as early as 2013, when the first pictures of his fascinating snowflake recordings went virally around the world. He has not stopped creating these amazing photos. The results are getting more precise. Read the whole article x-working magazine x-working community

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